Sifu Sammy Tsang 曾馬生師傅

Sifu_TsangI have been studying Tai Chi since 1997 at the Cambridge Chinese Community Centre when at the time, the Centre was fortunate to have had a Tai Chi master (Yang’s style) from Canton province, China who was a retired provincial champion then. At first, I thought Tai Chi was too slow and should not be too difficult to learn; how wrong I was! My Sifu (mentor/teacher) was very patience with me and helped me with the learning, every step of the way. Even so, it was hard work and sometimes quite difficult to get it right. None the less, I persevered. I practiced the art whenever and wherever I could.

Eighteen Years later, I am now teaching others to enjoy its benefits. I do feel that Tai Chi should be shared with the World and not just in Asia and my friend, Sifu Cheung also felt the same way. We hope that all students can reap the benefits of Tai Chi as well as the enjoyments it brings!

Sifu John Cheung

Sifu_CheungThroughout the last three decades, I have had the opportunities to experience the art of fencing, kendo, Wing Chun and Tai Chi. All of which I love immensely, in particular Wing Chun and Tai Chi. In 2008, I went to China and study a bit more in depth about Tai Chi (Yang’s style) and to my surprise, the art enhances my Wing Chun (another form of Chinese martial art – a close quarter fighting art) techniques. In addition, Tai Chi calms me down and made me see things more clearly. As a result, I am in better control of my emotion and aggression. The actual movements are quite therapeutic. A very good way of relieving day to day stress!

When I returned to England, I carried on practising Tai Chi as well as Wing Chun whenever and wherever I can and I still do. Few years ago, I met Sifu Tsang who has been practicing the art for more than15 years and immediately noticed, though from the same Tai Chi family lineage, that his Tai Chi is more beautiful in its expression and presentation. He told me, it is really down to hard work, dedication and continuous practice. The more you do it, the more your body will become stronger but in a relaxed, well balanced way and your flexibility will also improve: all of which beautify Tai Chi. Anyone can achieve good standard if you put your mind to it, regardless of age, race and gender!

I was quite pleased at his reply and considered that Tai Chi should be share by all, not just the Chinese people. The website name is ONLY refers to the teachers’ ethnic origin, nothing else. Tai Chi opens to anyone who wished to learn it. Since then we have been exchanging our Tai Chi’s knowledge and sometimes, try out some moves in a different light. Needless to say, we became good friends. We shared the same passion for Tai Chi and the same attitude and naturally, we set up this class and hope that the art can benefit other people and bring enjoyment to all!