“Learning Tai Chi is great fun… The movements might look slow and gentle, but it’s a surprisingly strenuous workout too.” ANNA ASBURY – FEBRUARY 2015 “If you’re looking to learn Tai Chi in its original forms then Sifu Sammy is your best choice. ” ANNA ASBURY – FEBRUARY 2015 “I can feel I have become more confidence and more interested in learning the Tai Chi arts”


Sifu Sammy Tsang is one of our Tai Chi experts in our “Cambridge Chinese Community Centre”. He dedicates at least two hours every Sunday to teach members practising the martial art in our Tai Chi class. As being one of the students of both Sifu Sammy Tsang & Sifu John Cheung, I can tell from my personal experience that both are Tai Chi expert, they are very good teachers, instructors and helpers.

Both are very patient and always with gentle manner when they give class practices. I have followed both in learning Tai Chi as a complete new beginner for about six months already. I can feel I have become more confidence and more interested in learning the Tai Chi arts. I hope more people will come to our Centre and experience the joy and benefit of learning Tai Chi from our Tai Chi masters.



Tai Chi smartly uses one’s own body weight to develop one’s strength. It looks very slow, but I feel that it is more difficult to be slower because one has to balance and resist the body weight longer.

Tai Chi has hundreds of years of history in China, and it is one of the reasons that attracted me to study Tai Chi.

Tai Chi Master-Sifu Sammy Tsang, is a very experienced and patient teacher. He normally repeats several initial forms over and over again until starters got the basic movements correct. He has a keen eye for details, and I started to like Tai Chi after a few classes.


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I need to emphasize here, that I am a complete novice: just learned the sequence of the Yang’s style basic 8 movements, but not yet perfect them. When this is done, then I will move on the 24, 42, etc and in no way at present a competent Tai Chi practitioner yet. China’s Tai Chi is really deep not just in its movements but also its fundamentals. Although, I understand a little but really enjoy of performing it. Every now and then, I thought about of performing a beautiful set of Tai Chi form. And with the help of Sifu Tsang and Sifu Cheung’s patience and strict training, I hope I will get there pretty soon.

Although now my effort is small and limited, but one day I would like to pass on this wonderful art to others and continue with the tradition for generation to come.

Miss Lee Bi Ying Feb, 2015