Tai Chi or Tai Chi fist form is a gentle art, yet consists of dynamic non-jarring movements which support bodily functions in three basic ways:

• The art trains the major ligaments to be more flexible and springy. Most people think that the skeleton is what keep us straight, well that is not exactly true; the bones supports the weight of the body but the ligaments keep us upright! In addition, they are important to keep the internal organs from impinging on each other; otherwise these cannot function properly.

• Tones the muscles due to its slow, but dynamic movements.

• Make the practitioner be aware of his or her center, which enables the bones and internal organs to withstand the forces of gravity that can be exerted in any part of the body whilst in motion. These movements consist of waist turning, limbs constantly moving up or down and to and fro, but at a slow pace: helps to massage the internal organs (i.e. lung, heart, liver, kidneys and spleen) and make them stronger.

Taking care of your internal organs is essential because your life and health depend on them. The stronger they are, the better you can perform in any area of your life!

In ancient China, Tai Chi fist (or Tai Chi in general) was regarded a very effective method to keep people healthy and the more healthy you are, the likelihood that you would live longer! In addition, the art contained martial and psychological properties.

A practitioner will find this art quite relaxing especially perform in a quiet surrounding (preferably under the warm morning sun, high up in a mountain closer to nature). The actions makes one forget the daily grind and stresses that exist in our modern life. Sometimes, it is good to get away from it even for an hour or so. The art helps you to re-charge! Our emotions gets calmer, our thought becomes no thought and movements becomes smoother, breathing becomes deeper and longer as if we are one with the element! “拳无拳,意无意,无意之中是真意,”这是达到太极拳对心理调节的最高境界。

Tai Chi fist (unarmed form) emphasised the need to use the core and spine muscles to drive the movements and this regarded as external application. In addition, the art required the practitioner to move in a relaxed, slow with well coordinated breathing techniques and this regarded as internal work.

As mentioned earlier, a stronger body (both internal and external) will prolong life and certainly strengthen the body ability to fight infection.

The beauty of studying Tai Chi, you can learn it (should not hurt your joints) even if you are a senior citizen. Unlike, other martial or moving arts where it is restricted by age (e.g. boxing or football)! Well, it is a lot cheaper than golf! Also, the art doesn’t stop at the unarmed forms: there are weapon forms and forms with other objects like a brush, fan or even a ball!